APCP Webinars

You may have already heard, but we have started to schedule some live webinars to provide ongoing support for your CPD.  

All webinars are free to APCP members during this introductory period.

PLEASE NOTE: the recording of the webinar and associated resources will be made available for attendees to access from the APCP website following the event.  Please DO NOT attempt to make your own recording or take screenshots, as there may be patient sensitive information that will need removing before sharing more widely.  We thank you for your understanding and co-operation with this.



How does it all work?


  • Register for a place on a scheduled webinar from our CPD Events page - places will be limited so book early to avoid disappointment!
  • Having registered for a place, you will receive an email with a unique link for you to use to join the webinar.
  • We will send you a reminder email 1 week and / or 1 day before the event with a copy of your unique joining link.
  • If you find that you are no longer able to attend, please cancel your registration using the link in your registration confirmation / reminder emails.  This will enable us to allocate your place to another member.

Joining the Webinar​​​​​​​

  • On the day of the webinar, all you have to do is click on the link provided in your registration confirmation email just prior to the scheduled start time.  Do not share this link with anyone - it is unique to you ... if you share it and someone else uses to the join the webinar before you, you will not be allowed to join.
  • If the webinar has not yet started you will see a message 'Please wait for the host to start this webinar' - wait for the host to start the webinar
  • If you see a message showing the date and time of the webinar, please check webinar details as you have probably got the wrong date / time!!

PLEASE NOTE: Some NHS Trusts block access to Zoom and so you may need to check this if you plan to join the webinar from your workplace.

Webinar Controls

  • As an attendee in a webinar you will be muted and your video turned off.  You will be able to see speakers and / or webinar hosts.
  • Chat: Open in-meeting chat to send a message to the host e.g. if you are having technical difficulties.
  • Question and Answer: Open the Q&A window, allowing you to ask questions about the presentation at any time during the presentation.  Other attendees will be able to see your question and can up-vote it or add comments.   The co-hosts will review all questions and try to ensure that as many questions as possible are answered in the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.  
  • Raise hand: Click the 'Raise your Hand' icon if you wish to put a question directly to the speaker.  The co-host may message you to enquire why you have raised your hand and may advise that they will promote you to talk ... you will be prompted to unmute yourself at the appropriate time.  Please be aware that the webinar may be recorded and made available to APCP members to view on demand - by requesting to present a question you are consented to being recorded.  Please be careful not to disclose confidential patient information.


  • As you leave the webinar you will be asked to complete feedback on the webinar.   An attendance certificate will be emailed to you following submission of you feedback.
  • You will receive an email 24 hours after the webinar reminding you to submit your feedback and with a link to the recorded webinar and additional resources.  These will normally be available for 2 months following the event.

We hope you enjoy your webinar experience!  Please be aware that we are just starting out on our webinar journey and so are expecting technical hitches along the way!!

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