APCP Research and Education Bursaries 2022

One of the objectives of APCP is to encourage research and development in paediatric physiotherapy and related fields, to enhance the evidence base of physiotherapy.

APCP Research and Education Bursaries are available to support members in their clinical research and post-graduate education.

All applications to be sent to office@apcp.org.uk

2022 Awards Schedule

Applications open 1st May - 31st May 2022: 

APCP is delighted to announce we have increased our available funding for 2022 to £10,000 for Research bursaries and £10,000 for Education bursaries.

Candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application by the 22nd July 2022.


Only APCP members are eligible to apply for APCP Research and Education Bursaries.

  • Group A- bursaries for up to £500 (Education or Research)
  • Group B- bursaries for up to £2000 (Education or Research)



  • Postgraduate research related education i.e. research skills, research modules
  • Contribution to PhD fees
  • Essential research related equipment and resources includes equipment, software, stats support, PPIE, transcription (not those already available from your course/program)
  • CPD Courses
  • Travel – essential for data collection (researcher+/or participants) or to support dissemination at quality national or international conferences


  • Salaries/backfill – for researcher or assistants
  • Travel – commuting

See here for details of past award winners.












If you wish to see the scoring sheets that are used for the bursary applications, you can view them below. Please be aware however, these are filled in by the Bursary Panel, NOT the applicant. 

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