APCP Research Bursaries

One of APCP's objectives is to encourage research and development in paediatric physiotherapy and related fields to enhance the evidence base of physiotherapy.

APCP Research Bursaries are available to support members' clinical research.

New APCP Research and Education Bursaries

The APCP have reviewed the system for applying for a Bursary and have included for the first time Education Bursaries.

We will be offering the following 

Research Bursaries                               Education Bursaries

1 x £500                                                           1 x £500

2 x £750                                                           2 x £750

1 x £1000                                                        1 x £1000

1 x £2000                                                        1 x £2000



Applications for bursaries will initially open in November 2019, if after this round there are monies which are not awarded, then these will be offered in a second Autumn round.

The closing dates for applications this year are 1st February 2020 / 20th September 2020

The decisions will be made and candidates notified by end of March 2020 / October 2020



These bursaries are only open to APCP members. 



  • Postgraduate research related Education i.e. research skills, research modules
  • Essential research related equipment and resources includes transcription, software and expert services (not those already available from your course/program)
  • Travel – essential for data collection (researcher+/or participants) or to support dissemination at quality national or international conferences. 


  • CPD Courses
  • Salaries/backfill – for researcher or assistants
  • Travel – commuting


Mandatory Conditions 

For £500 and £750 Awards

  • Contribution to newsletter, Journal or conference (minimum is an article for the Newsletter)

For £1000 and £2000 Awards

  • Must include Empirical Data collection and output
  • Journal article with recommendation to submit APCP conference abstract

For All Awards

  • Full acknowledgement of APCP on all dissemination
  • Deadline for mandatory contribution is 2 years or bursary given must be reimbursed


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