APCP Research Bursaries

One of APCP's objectives is to encourage research and development in paediatric physiotherapy and related fields to enhance the evidence base of physiotherapy.

APCP Research Bursaries are available to support members' clinical research.

Guidance for Applicants for APCP Research Bursaries

  • Maximum £2,000.00 bursary per project per year
  • Applications for clinical research only will be considered
  • Bursaries are available to fund research equipment e.g. laptop, software package, assessment kit, etc.
  • Bursaries are not available to fund course fees, transport for researchers or research participants, or participant expenses (unless part of an otherwise un-funded project and essential to the success of that project)
  • Receipt of an APCP Research Bursary is conditional upon publishing in the APCP Journal or Newsletter and presenting at the APCP Annual Conference
  • If the award is over £500.00, 10% will be withheld until after submission of a Conference abstract and Journal article.

Application Process

  • Complete the APCP Research Bursary Application Form and submit to the APCP Research Officer
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Research and Education Committee and the applicant will be contacted within 4 weeks of their submission