APCP Paediatric Neurodisability Foundation Course

This is a foundation level course for physiotherapists working within paediatrics who want improve their knowledge, clinical reasoning and interventions with children and young people affected by Neurodisability. 

The course is primarily aimed at band 5 and band 6, but all levels of expertise welcome.




Speakers and Objectives

  • This course will be facilitated by members of the APCP Neurodisability Committee

Learning Outcomes

  • Recall and define conditions causing neurodisability in children and young people (CYP) and explain possible impact on the child and family throughout the lifespan.
  • Understand the basic assessment of CYP with a neurodisability (which includes functional abilities, tone, patterns of movement, ROM and strength) and how it relates to clinical reasoning in the therapy management of CYP with a neurodisability.
  • Discuss and demonstrate understanding of the role of the physiotherapist in the management of neurodisability in a multidisciplinary context and how this role relates to the age of the child or young person. 
  • Further analyse assessment findings and evaluate their clinical reasoning when making treatment choices for CYP with neurodisability.
  • Describe how a range of therapeutic interventions are used in treatment.
  • Critically analyse the current evidence for treatment interventions. 
  • Apply some of the commonly used, internationally recognised descriptors and outcome measures, including goal setting; in paediatric neurodisability