APCP Committees

APCP National Committee

The day-to-day affairs of APCP are managed by the National Committee which consists of up to 16 nationally elected members plus a locally elected representative from each of APCP's Regions and a representative from each of APCP's Specialist Committees.

The objectives and strategies for APCP are set out in the APCP Five Year Plan for 2015-2020.  

The National Committee meet three times each year to ensure that the Association is effectively functioning in pursuance of these objectives and strategies.

APCP Executive Officers

The Executive Officers of APCP (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer) have responsibility for the business and financial management of the Association and for ensuring compliance with the APCP Constitution and with CSP procedures and governance.

The Executive Officers meet prior to each National Committee meeting and an additional three times each year between National Committee meetings.

APCP Sub-Committees

All members of National Committee sit on one of the four National Sub-Committees.  The Sub-Committees meet for an hour before each National Committee meeting.

Professional Development Committee

  • The Professional Development Committee have specific responsibility for the development of APCP's clinical education programme and for promoting research within the Association and profession. This committee includes the Research, Publications and Education Officers and the Journal Editor.

    The objectives and strategies of the Professional Development Committee are set out in their Five Year Plan for 2020-2025.

Media and Information Committee

  • The Media and Information Committee have specific responsibility of APCP publications and resources and for all aspects of promoting the profile of the Association and the profession. This committee includes the Public /relations Officer and Newsletter Editor.

    The objectives and strategies of the Media and Information Committee are set out in the Media and Information Committee Five Year Plan for 2015-2020.

Regional Representatives' Committee

  • The Regional Representatives meet to share information from the APCP Regions.  As well as discussing APCP activities, the Regional Representatives may feedback local issues from the wider membership.

    The objectives and strategies for APCP Regional Representatives' Committee  is set out in a Regional Representatives Five Year Plan for 2015-2020.  In addition, each Region should have their own RegionalFive Year Plan for 2015-2020 which can be seen on the Regional pages.

Specialist Committee Representatives' Committee

Who are the APCP Committee members?

All APCP Committee members are elected from amongst the wider membership and represent members from across the UK and with a wide range of clinical experience.  

Members interested in joining one of the APCP Committees should look out for committee vacancy notices that will be posted on the website and flagged up in email bulletins.

APCP Administrators 

The work and activities of APCP is supported by 3 members with previous committee experience, who are contracted to provide administration and operational services.