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Raising Standards of Care for Physiotherapy Management on Neuromuscular in Neuromuscular Disease

Training Day Objectives

Learning outcomes:

  1. To be updated on standards of care for the management of children with neuromuscular (NM) condition
  2. To broaden skills in physiotherapy assessment and management in NM diseas
  3. To increase understanding of importance of good fracture  management in children with NM conditions
  4. To be updated on medical management of children with NM conditions  and implications for physiotherapy management
  5. To gain practical skills for contracture management
  6. To gain practical skills for Knee-ankle –foot orthosis rehabilitation

Recommended Reading

NEW APCP publication - Guidance for Paediatric Physiotherapists - Managing Neuromuscular Disorders - available on the Publications and Resources pages.

Workshop Presentations

Access to the workshop presentations below has been restricted with a password which is available to course delegates from the APCP Administrator (contact


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