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Paediatric Physiotherapists in Management Support (PPIMS) Group


File 154946PPIMS aims to support the role of APCP members who lead or manage physiotherapy services for children and young people.

Membership is open to APCP members who have a management or leadership role in physiotherapy services for children and young people.

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What is PPIMS?

Many of you are very aware and involved in change management, cost efficiency, performance and quality assurance in your local organisations.  As a result, the work place is a challenging environment at present.  It is, therefore, important that APCP leaders and managers are sharing best practise solutions to these challenges, thus empowering each other to represent the needs of child, young people and their families in strategic and operational decision making.

PPIMS is the forum for sharing best practise solutions, peer support for managers and leaders of Paediatric Physiotherapy services and developing consensus benchmarking.

Current key objectives and strategies for the APCP PPIMS Group are set out in the Group's Five Year Plan for 2015-2020

The APCP PPIMS Committee can be contacted at:

Establishing a Regional PPIMS Network

PPIMS would like to build a robust national communication structure and support network for APCP members who work in leadership roles, by establsihih s regionsl PPIMS network.

Regional Groups have been meeting in West Midlands, London and East Anglia already and we are keen to see more Regional Groups established.

If you are an APCP member with a management / leadership role and you would like to particpate in PPIMS activities please register to sign up for PPIMS membership.

Launching a PPIMS network on iCSP

PPIMS are now launching a private network on iCSP - this network wil be open to APCP PPIMS members only and we hope that it will provide a forum for discussion and sharing information.


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