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NEW PUBLICATION - APCP Neuromuscular Committee - Guidance for Paediatric Physiotherapists Managing Neuromuscular Disorders

27 March 2017 - 9:48am

File 202653The APCP Neuromuscular Committee launched its new publication at the North Star meeting last week.

Neuromuscular Disorders (NMD) are genetic conditions affecting the motor unit, either the muscles directly or the neuromuscular junction, the anterior horn cells or the peripheral nerves. They are quite distinct from other neurological conditions and so require specific assessment and management.

Guidance for Paediatric Physiotherapists Managing Neuromuscular Disorders is a consensus document providing guidance on good practice management of infants, children and young adults with neuromuscular disorders (NMD). It was created in collaboration with members of the APCP Neuromuscular Committee with the help of additional key specialists.

The document is intended to be a resource for learning about physiotherapy assessment and management in NMD.

The authors would be very pleased to receive feedback and comments to inform further development of this and other resources - contact

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