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Support APCP members standing for CSP Council

13 May 2015 - 7:56am

APCP asks members to use their vote to support APCP members standing for election to the CSP Council.

File 147840Elizabeth Gray is standing for election to one of NHS seats on the CSP Council.

As current National Chair of APCP (and previous Chair of the APCP Scotland Regional Committee) members of APCP National Committee backed Liz's nomination.  

APCP would like to encourage APCP members to support Liz's election to ensure that a paediatric perspective is represented on Council.

Two other APCP members are also standing for election and would value your support:

  • Heather Angilley (a previous Chair of both APCP National Committee and North East Regional Committee) is standing for the Independent Practitioner's Seat
  • Joanne Bleasdale (a current member of the North East Regional Committee) is also standing for one of the NHS seats.


REMEMBER TO REGISTER YOUR VOTE BY 5pm on Wednesday, 3rd June 2015 and to encourage your paediatric colleagues to support these candidates.



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