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UPDATE - NICE Guideline - Cerebral Palsy

29 April 2014 - 12:53pm

APCP registered as a stakeholder

APCP has already registered as a stakeholder for the NICE clinical guideline on Cerebral Palsy and we will be updating members about the progress of this guideline and collating feedback during consultations.

Sue Coombe will be representing APCP at the scoping workshop on 19th June 2014.

The scoping workshop is for all registered stakeholder organisations together with key staff from the Centre for Clinical Practice at NICE, the PPIP and the NCC attend, as well as the GDG Chair and (if applicable) the Clinical Adviser.

The first draft scope is presented at the workshop and gives an opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the key clinical issues that the guideline will cover. 

Following this meeting the amended draft scope document will be put out for public consultation and at this stage Sue will collate responses from APCP members to help develop APCP's official comment on the scope.

Further information about how you can add your comments to the APCP response will be posted here at the beginning of the consultation period (7th July - 4th August 2014).



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