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Neuromuscular Committee

The APCP Neuromuscular Comittee focuses on work with children who have acquired and genetic conditions affecting the function of muscles, either directly as a muscle disease or caused by disorders of the peripheral nerves, motor neurones in the spinal cord or the neuromuscular junctions which supply them, e.g. muscular dystrophies, spinal muscular atrophy, congenital myopathies, hereditary neuropathies and congential myasthenic syndromes. 

The committee supports the role of therapists working with this group of children in specialist units and in the community.

Neuromuscular  Committee

The APCP Neuromuscular  Committee consists of up to 12 nationally elected members.

Current key objectives and strategies for the APCP Neuromuscular Committee are set out in the Committee's Five Year Plan for 2015-2020

Committee vacancies will be advertised annually and so any members wishing to get more actively involved should look out for details of these.

The APCP Neuromuscular Committee can be contacted at:


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