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Management of Children with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

File 166188Jackie Young is currently the Operational Lead for Community Paediatric Physiotherapy and has been qualified as a physiotherapist since 1983.  She specialised in paediatrics in 1992 working in Newcastle community paediatric services.  She developed through the ranks to become the service manager in 2005, at the time for both physiotherapy and occupational therapy.  This has given her extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with children with disabilities, strategic visions, service developments, working with partner organisations, and currently runs services that are both local and regional across the north east.


The community service is part of the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.  As a manager she has been able to support a strong research portfolio within her team and be part of new developments within the care of children with disabilities.  Developing new services and treatment modalities, supported by medical teams.


Due to professional and personal experience she has developed a special interest in children with chronic fatigue and is currently developing the service along with Dr Caroline Grayson.  They are hoping to become well established and to provide high levels of care and support for these young people who can have quite difficult times, and where recovery can be lengthy, particularly with the wrong approaches.


She is also going to be working with the Bath research team, along with Dr Grayson and Dr Esther Crawley, as Newcastle is one of the participating centres in the MAGENTA Trial, looking at GET therapy vs activity management, randomised control trial this year. 

Management of Children with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


Learning Outcomes:

  • To understand the steps in the physical management approach to treating children with chronic fatigue or fatigue type conditions
  • How to approach the child and family
  • How to set goals with the child and family
  • How to start to increase activities
  • What graduations you should make in respect of GET.
  • What advice to give to schools supporting these children.


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