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APCP Journal Volume 5 Number 2


  • Page 2 - Editorial (Cate Naylor)


  • Pages 4-16 - From Stable Standing to Rock and Roll Walking (Part 2) - Designing, Aligning and Tuning Orthoses for Standing,Stepping and Gait (E Owen)
  • Pages 17-23 - Introducing the concept of moral distress in paediatric physiotherapy practice (G Hastings)
  • Pages 24-28 - Congenital Vertical Talus (L Watson)


  • Pages 29-34 - Does the Lacey Assessment of Preterm Infants predict cerebral palsy in extremely preterm infants? A pilot study (C Marcroft, P Dulson, R Hearn, A Basu, N Embleton)
  • Pages 35-50 - Implementation of Goal Attainment Scaling: Perspectives and Experiences of Service Users and Service Providers (L French, L Campbell)


  • Pages 51-58 - Is rebound therapy an effective chest clearance technique for children with severe cerebral palsy? (C Sibley)


  • Pages 59-72 - Audit of Frequency of local NHS therapy input for children with Cerebral Palsy and other non-progressive neurological conditions (D Balls)


  • Page 73 - Developmental Input for Infants with Tracheostomies (J Ferguson)
  • Page 74 - The efficacy of a multidisciplinary intervention for treatment of benign joint hypermobility syndrome in childhood (The BENDY Study) (V Easton, P Bale, H Bacon, E Jerman, K Armon)
  • Page 75 - Feasibility of a New Screening Tool to Optimise the Management of Patients with Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (P Loughnane, F Clinton, M Capra)


  • Pages 76-77 - Disorders of the Spinal Cord in Children (J Hartley)
  • Page 78 - Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-66 & GMFM-88) User’s Manual 2nd Edition (S Bush)


E. Owen - From Stable Standing to Rock and Roll Walking (Part 2) - Designing, Aligning and Tuning Orthoses for Standing, Stepping and Gait - Pages 4-16

The Editor would like to advise readers that Figure 4a (page 7) was cropped in error in the printed version of this issue. Corrected versions of the article are available below.

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