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Expanding Horizons - Trade Exhibition

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Expanding Horizons

3 - 4 November 2017

Mercure Cardiff Holland House Hotel 

APCP would like to thank our Sponsors and Exhibitors for their generous support of the Annual Conference

Prinicipal Sponsors

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Jiraffe has more than 30 years experience in working with children and adults with special needs. Every position a child adopts has an effect on their development and functional movement, both now and in the future.  No-one understands this better than we do at Jiraffe.  Part of Jenx Ltd.  Jiraffe specialises in sourcing and providing postural care equipment and support for everybody, whether they’re at home, school, rest or play!


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DM Orthotics Ltd is the world leader in Lycra® orthoses. Our patented Dynamic Movement Orthoses are specifically designed for the management of neurological and musculoskeletal conditions.  We are dedicated to the research, development and evolution of our products, with the aim to improve function and encourage independence for the user.


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Ortho Europe, established in 1990, is a major European manufacturer and distributor of prosthetic and orthotic product.  Headquartered in the UK, Ortho Europe also has offices in France and The Netherlands and distributors across Europe and the rest of the World.



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Baffin Technology Systems Limited has extensive experience of working with disabled children, young adults and adults with special needs. We offer products that eliminate the known disadvantages of the current rehabilitation equipment and provide comprehensive and innovative solutions for complex medical needs.


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C-Pro Direct exists to support medical professionals, parents and children affected by paediatric orthopaedic conditions of the lower limbs. C-Pro Direct designs, manufactures and sells various products to help parents and children better manage a variety of conditions affecting the lower limbs, particularly conditions which affect the ability of the foot to abduct and dorsiflex.


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Restorative Medical provides products that are unique because instead of trying to lock a patient into a position or hold them in a particular plane, we encourage movement. Restorative Medical's splints and braces have a low load stretch with a spring-back effect that allows the patients to flex into their contractions with mild resistance, and then brings them back to the set position once muscle inhibition – relaxation - is reached.

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RMS- Rehabilitation Manufacturing Services Limited (RMS) are a UK manufacturer based in Sittingbourne, Kent, formed in the mid seventies. Since this time RMS has expanded both nationally and internationally, supplying to the NHS and the private sector. We provide high quality mobility equipment of all types, seating systems, bespoke manufacture, outsourced manufacture and accessories.

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Vida -Doing what’s right for the customer is at the core of everything James Leckey Design has created over the last 30 years.  As a globally recognised pioneer in the design and development of clinically focussed, posturally supportive products, it has taken one step further with the creation of a new sales and customer care company under the VIDA brand.

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Smirthwaite design and manufacture equipment for children and young people with special needs.  Our extensive range incorporates products to assist those from 8 months to 18 years old in the areas of seating, standing, toileting, bathing, changing and showering.  We also have ranges dedicated to therapy

and sensory integration.

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R82 is a leading supplier of specialist equipment for disabled children and young adults. Its extensive product range includes seating, bathing, standing and walking aids.


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Quest 88 is an independent designer and manufacturer of activity based therapy products in the areas of walking, standing and cycling. It is heavily involved in the growing sports of RaceRunning and Frame Football. Quest 88 is working with a growing number of physiotherapists and sports initiatives who are keen to explore its possibilities for improving fitness and potential for assisting development. Quest 88 also runs an Inclusive Cycling Store in the heart of Shrewsbury, Shropshire which helps 100’s of people to rediscover cycling or cycle for the first time.


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JCM are experts in paediatric specialist, supportive seating and are at the forefront of innovative design solutions with the first ever truly dynamic seating system. JCM incorporate the values of early intervention with tailor-made design, product versatility and high quality engineering. We provide a range of products which enable 24-hour postural care management. Our objective is to provide children’s postural seating systems which enhance the daily lives of individuals with varying degrees of disability. 
Our continued success is focused on our core values of product innovation and quality; customer service, integrity and empathy for our customers.


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Medimotion- Founded in 1994 Medimotion Limited has over 20 years experience supplying high quality therapy solutions throughout Great Britain. We are dedicated to delivering high quality service to meet the specific needs of private individuals, hospitals and therapy centres. Medimotion's extensive knowledge of the products we provide, and their application, ensures the right product choice.


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Piedro Ltd -Since Piedro® formed in 1957, our focus has always remained strongly on designing and making footwear that truly fits.  Not only in length but also in width and in models that are supportive, stylish and really comfortable to wear.  Over the years we have researched extensively and gained valuable experience to develop our own, unique and specialist orthopaedic footwear lasts.  We have developed efficient manufacturing processes to ensure production quality and consistency are maintained to the highest possible standards.

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CIMT- CIMT provides people with hemiplegia evidence based rehabilitation for the arm and hand that gives lasting, meaningful results. CIMT Centres provide intensive therapy courses for children and adults across the UK and Europe.

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Allard- Allard Support UK Ltd is a subsidiary company of Camp Scandinavia offering the distribution of Orthotic products from their range to the United Kingdom and Ireland. Allard UK is also the sole manufacturer of the Boston Brace range of products for the UK, Ireland, Europe, Scandinavia and Eastern countries.










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