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Minutes of 44th AGM- 3 November 2017






This Meeting opened at 09.52.

 APCP National secretary, Natalie Meghie, welcomed all Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapy (APCP) members to the 44th Annual General Meeting of the APCP and gave an introduction of herself as new APCP secretary.

 1. Introduction to Honorary President:

 Natalie Meghie introduced APCP Honorary President, Eva Bower and informed all she was to chair the AGM meeting.

Introductions were given to Liz Gray (Chair APCP), Michelle Baylis (Vice Chair APCP) and Nicola Burnett (Treasurer APCP).

 2. Apologies for absence:

 Jennifer McCahill

Barry Johnson

Margaret Mayston

Lyndsey Cunningham

Rachel Evans

 3. Minutes of the last meeting:

 The minutes of the 43rd Annual General Meeting held in Brighton have been placed on the APCP website for viewing to members for the past year.Eva called all to confirm they have had an opportunity to view the minutes of the last AGM. Eva addressed the AGM to ask if it was their wish that Liz sign’s these as a true record? No objections were raised.

 The minutes were approved and electronically signed by Liz Gray.

Proposer: Vicky Easton         

Seconded: Jane Sellar

 4. Matters arising:

There were no matter arising from the previous AGM minutes .

 5. Chairman’s report – Liz Gray

 Borahdah! Lady president, honorary members, invited guest’s, ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to the 44th AGM of APCP.

 It is my privilege to stand before you, once again, to give a summary of the past years activities and successes of APCP and in your delegate bags you will all have a copy of our impact report. This will be, as many of you know, my 3rd chair report. Now the usual way of things is you get time off for good behaviour and, so I can only conclude I must have been particularly bad!

 This year our conference “Expanding Horizons” is hosted in the beautiful city of Cardiff and please any twitter users use the conference #APCPCardiffcalling to share your experiences comments and photos.

 Cardiff is a wonderful city and all the more so being the birth place of my father in Splott. But it’s actually my Mother who taught me an invaluable lesson that I have found particularly helpful in my time as chair and that is the importance of good foundation garments. As a child my Mother used the phrase-perhaps familiar to others here- “make sure you have clean underwear in case you are hit by a bus”. Now as a young child the significance of underwear and buses was a bit lost on me, but I was only little. However I reckoned if Mum said it then it was important – I’d believe her. So I hear you say what has this to do with APCP? When I came into office we set about the work of ensuring we had firm structure, robust governance, clear objectives and agreed outcomes – a framework. Now any of you will know that with well-fitting, comfortable and supportive undergarments the simplest outfit will look amazing whilst Prada, Chanel and McQueen will look very average over ill-fitting, poorly constructed, inappropriate, worn out, one size fits all, bargain basement or indeed borrowed undies! The lesson I learnt form Mum was to get the bits no one sees right and then everything you place on that foundation will be secure and well-presented and you will also know that come a crisis you are prepared.

 3 years into our 5 year plans the foundation and structure we now have in place allows us to have a framework to support our ongoing work. I am pleased to report our membership at 2350 members remains strong and I am optimistic that we will achieve a membership of 2500 within the next 2 years. Today I am pleased to announce the launch of our guidance for physiotherapists for EHCP’s, and this much-awaited document will be available for download from the APCP website.

 The roll out of the Cerebral Palsy integrated pathway in England CPIP progresses with a further 6 train the trainer events this year with now just under 300 trained trainers. With ongoing support from BACD and BSCOS we have been engaged in discussions with NHS England as we continue to press for a nationwide collaboration standardised surveillance program for children with CP.

 We launched our fellowship program at last year’s conference and would encourage you to nominate any APCP members who you would like considered for a fellowship – the fellowship guidance can be found on the APCP website. Next year’s nominations must be received by 31st January 2018 for consideration by the 2018 award committee.

 On a personal note I would like to thank APCP for supporting my attendance at WCPT 2017 in Capetown where I was able to see and attend the IOPTP program.  I am delighted to report that our application to re-join IOPTP was accepted and we are member’s elect and will be given full membership in 2019 at the AGM in Geneva. I am extremely pleased to announce that the first joint APCP / IOPTP conference will be held in London in 2020 and the conference is to be called 2020 vision and will be a truly international conference open to all country members of IOPTP and confirms our presence on the world-wide stage.

 So it leaves me to thank our Gold sponsor Giraffe and our Silver sponsors FitzKidz Paediatric footwear and DM Orthotics for their support of conference this year and please do take the time to visit the exhibition and trade stands.

 In previous years I have closed with thanks to family, colleagues and fellow committee members and regional group member’s but today I would like to thank in its entirety  APCP. I have had the privilege and honour to serve as chair and truly APCP has given me more than I could ever repay, I am a better person, better leader and most important a better physiotherapist. Thank you.

 The report was proposed by:

 Proposer: Michelle Baylis

Seconded: Stephanie Cawker

 Liz received a standing ovation from APCP members. Eva Bower thanked Liz for her 4 years of service as chair to APCP, and tireless dedication to the services of the profession through the organisation.

6. Treasurer’s report – Nicola Burnett

The accounts for 2016 have been examined by the accountants; Nicklins Business Advisors. There was surplus of approximately £11,000 for the national accounts.

As ever our main source of income continues to be from subscriptions, which were raised at the start of 2016, and the income from courses and conference. The national conference last year in Brighton broke even and would have made a small profit had we not decided to spend the money on the cost of filming, editing and web hosting most of the lectures. The lectures were made accessible to everyone who had attended conference last year and were available for others to purchase either as a whole or there was the option of two smaller packages of lectures. We are not filming lectures this year but plan to look into further ways of making lectures and training more widely available especially online in the future. As ever your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The cost of committee travel and subsistence continues to grow year on year which reflects an increase in costs of public transport and we do encourage people to book travel early and where possible hold skype meetings.  The cost of printing and postage remained high for 2016, but as this was the last year of hard copy newsletters this should be reduced for next year, newsletters are now being sent out to members by email and although there is a cost for the editing package this is minimal compared to the cost of printing, postage and packaging.

Another expense has been through sponsoring bursaries either research bursaries of which there have been very few applicants and the several project bursaries including the one which funded the Working with Children Document and those that we are currently funding including CPIPS, the EHCP Document, Putting the child first document, the Band 5 – 6 run through and the chronic pain focus group.

As you will be aware from the information that was sent out with the agenda for the AGM we have spent some time this year considering our legal status. The APCP is currently an Unincorporated Organisation which being the most basic of organisation leaves the members and committee at financial risk if anything were to go wrong. We have a membership of over 2000 people, a turnover of close to a quarter of a million pounds, 2 self-employed administrators and we organise a large number of events each year. I have taken advice from our accountants and the CSP as well as other Professional networks and it is felt that we should set ourselves up as a Company Limited by Guarantee which is a good structure for a non-profit making membership organisation like ourselves. Our accountants can help us with setting this up and the cost is less than a £500.

If we decide to become a non-profit making company there will be no changes to our objectives, our constitution remains the same but is called the Articles of the Association, the executive committee will become directors, we continue to deliver the same courses and training as we have done in the past and our accountants are audited in the same way as they are now. We can legally hold contracts with our administrators for providing their services and we could also perhaps consider other paid roles such as a Professional advisor in the future.

The regions will continue to operate as they currently do under the umbrella of the APCP and their status continues as unincorporated organisations.

In order for us to go ahead and in line with our constitution this needs to be voted for by the members at our AGM. At this stage and we would be looking to set this up starting with our new accounting year on 02/01/2018.

It is proposed that the APCP is incorporated into a not for profit guarantee company starting on 02/01/2018.

Finally, I would like to propose the continued appointment of Nicklins LLP as Auditors for the 2017 accounts.

 The report was proposed by:

 Proposer:        Sue Bush

Seconded:      Anna Hebda Boon

7. Adoption of the Auditors- Nicola Burnett

 Nicklin Partnership of the West Midlands remains the adopted auditor.

 This is proposed by:

 Proposer: Nicola Burnett      

Seconded: Sarah Westwater Wood  

 Liz Gray addressed AGM and explained now APCP members are going to vote on the change that the APCP is incorporated into a not for profit Company limited by guarantee starting on 02/01/2018.

 APCP members were ask to vote for by raising their hands; over two thirds of the room hands were raised. APCP members were asked to vote against by raising their hands; no hands were raised.

 Motion was passed by Liz Gray.

8. Media and Information report- Chris Smith- Public Relations Officer

 Hello and welcome to #APCPCardiffCalling.

Last year we asked you to share your experiences of joint working. Many therapists shared stories, some good and some bad but it was clear that everyone cared genuinely about getting it right for the family. They wanted to put the professional differences aside and put the child first. There was mixed awareness of the existing CSP guidance named, ‘concurrent and subsequent treatments’ and the national committee agreed that that we could go further. That is why a working party have spent this year putting together “Putting the Child First”, this document aiming to get us breaking down the barriers and improving communication .

 With increased demand on the statutory services and more parents looking into non-physiotherapy rehabilitation options it’s crucial that we ensure Physiotherapists demonstrate our value. There is strength in numbers and after all we are all colleagues trying to be an advocate for the child.  With the lack of a solid evidence base in so much of what we do, disagreement is inevitable. It’s so important that this disagreement doesn’t lead to families devaluing the professional as a whole.  We think this document will address this when it goes live in the coming months.

 This isn’t however the only document APCP national committee have produced this year.  Spinal cord injuries guidance, a respiratory service commissioning tool as well as others. The EHCP guidance is a tremendous resource, so no therapist will feel out of their depth when asked to submit a report no matter how inexperienced they may be.  So huge thanks goes out to the members that have contributed on one or more of these documents.

 Our social media profile continues to expand. We are seeing our Facebook posts shared internationally as we watched our Facebook ‘likes’ grow by 50% to over 3000.  Twitter continues to provide a great link for clinicians to researchers and it would be great if more of our members took the leap and joined the Twittersphere.

 Through the CSP the APCP continue to be first port of call for professional advice or media requests. With Cruz Beckham’s use of a rowing machine attracting no less than 4 journalists for comment. 

 Finally the APCP won an award last month.  We have been supporting CP Sport in a number of areas.  Within the joint development group, sharing participation opportunities and more specifically within Frame Football.  The APCP modified some football preparation activities and supported the frame football sessions locally in Nottingham & Basildon.  We were delighted to receive the award for Partner of the Year.

 Thanks to Sarah Dewhurst for the huge effort with this.  We couldn’t offer this support without the time and skills given freely by our members.  If you haven’t thought about contributing to the APCP then I urge you to consider, you really can make a big difference.

 Thank you and we hope you enjoy the conference.

9. Research and Education Report:

 Over the last 12 months we have had another successful Introduction to Paediatric Practice (ITTP) course and the scoping of Paediatric Physiotherapy education across Europe project has concluded. You will hear much more about that tomorrow when Anna Hebda Boon shares the project findings with conference. Nevertheless, on aim to explore extending the ITPP introductory course welcome to international guests was met with 4 attendees from Europe attending this year’s event in London.

 On behalf of APCP I have been liaising with the CSP on research mentoring with the potential to offer novice researchers an APCP member mentor. Before we can proceed we need more information on our members. So you will notice amongst other things with your membership renewal you will be asked to update your profile and whether you might consider mentoring someone just a few steps behind you in the process. Watch this space.

 Also on behalf of APCP I have been welcomed onto the CSP/AMR research funding paediatric stream research grant applications committee. I have also represented APCP on the SSP/James Lind alliance research priority setting project. You will have received survey links asking for your thoughts on what the research priorities for the CSP over the next years should be and circulated these for children and careers views. This project continues through its phases until late spring early summer 2018.

 Over the last 12 months we have been delighted to approve 3 research bursary applications and continue to encourage and welcome these applications. Please continue to think about the APCP research bursary scheme for your projects.

 Finally, we thank Cate Naylor as she steps down from the office of Journal Editor with great thanks and appreciation for her consistent committed work in lifting the quality and scope of its content and processes for author submission. No one should under estimate how much work goes on behind the scenes to deliver your APCP Journal. Than you Cate. Barry Johnson will be taking up this the office of Journal Editor effective today. Thank you.

10. Election of committee members:

 This year there were 3 new introductions to National Committee Office:

 Jane Sellar- Vice Chair

Natalie Meghie- Secretary

Alan MacDonald- National Committee Member

11. Honorary memberships:

 Liz Gray was awarded honorary membership as outgoing chair by Eva Bower.

12. Any Other Business

 No other business was raised.

13. The 45th AGM

 Eva announced this is to be held on Friday 2nd November 2018 at the APCP Conference in Manchester at approximately 10:30am.

 Eva Bower closed the meeting closed at 10.30am.


Minutes completed by Natalie Meghie.

Secretary to the National Committee.


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