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APCP Brand

The Association of Paediatric Chartered Physiotherapists have developed a visual identity policy to allow for consistent and accurate use of logos.

To be successful, the APCP needs to effectively support our members and the profession by making sure that we are known and respected by the right people, and can influence their thinking and actions. It’s our way of communicating our messages so they stand out in a clear and engaging way. The logos we use are part of this communication

The APCP lozenge

File 219766This can only be used by APCP committees and associated partner organisations. It should not be used by members on their websites, stationary or publications other than those written or approved by the APCP.





The 'Crawling Babies'

File 219770The 'crawling babies' logo can only be used by APCP committees for use on APCP products.

APCP logo

File 202840The ‘APCP’ logo can be used by APCP members freely. It can be used for such items as stationery, websites and plaques. The artwork can be supplied to members via an electronic file. To request a copy of the logo, please contact the APCP administrators at with details of your intended use, including your full name and membership number. 


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